What is an Extension Kit?

Build it faster, stronger, warmer and smarter

What is an Extension Kit?

Whether you need a kitchen extension or extra living space our extension kits are the ideal solution to creating more space for your property.

With our extension Kits, we can supply and manufacture bespoke kits for builders, tradespeople, self-build or keen DIYers.

Regardless of your skillset, we can deliver a kit that works for your budget and project scope.

Our Extension Kits are manufactured to order and engineered to meet your individual requirements. Should you require help with the design – our in-house CAD specialists can bring your ideas to life.

Our manufacturing team can have it planned, cut, pre-fabricated and quality checked so that you can be assured of a stress-free, fast, and hassle-free installation.

Structural Insulated Panel cross-section

Our Extension Kitz

Every trade Extension Kit is built on the shop floor to your exact requirements as per your signed-off survey for each one of your customers.

These projects are initially assembled on site here as part of the production system, then we dismantle them with each piece being numbered, coded for your kit and then ready for rapid re-assembly when delivered onto your customer’s site.

Benefits of SIPs Panels

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Faster Build Time

Installation crews that are well trained and efficient in their workflow in using structural insulated panels can result in up to 55% saving on framing time! However, A Keen DIYer can also experience similar results.

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Energy Efficient

SIPs extensions and garden rooms use up to 50% less energy to heat and cool than stick-frame houses. This results in a more sustainable energy-efficient design with better thermal retention and as a result lower energy bills.

Color Options


If you think of it, dream of it or need it, we can in most cases help design and build it. All our modular kits are bespoke so you can build an extension, a shed, a garden room, or even a house or commercial premise to your specification!

How we do it

base with damp proof membrane, underfloor insulation, and steel mesh ready for concrete to be poured on top.

Stage 1: The ground is dug out to the required depth, damp proof membrane, underfloor insulation and steel mesh are installed ready for concrete pouring.

Cement Base

Stage 2: Once the concrete is poured and levelled it is left for approx 72 hours to set depending on the weather. Once set work can begin.


Stage 3: Wall plates, base plates, membrane, and starter timbers are installed, followed by the SIP panels and splines. If the roof is a SIP roof this will also be constructed.

Framework going up.

Stage 4: Framework is constructed for windows, doors and roof if it is an aluminium roofing frame. Work begins on installing tiles, wrapping and battens.


Stage 5: The roof is completed with your choice of tiles. The installation of the Brick Slips begins. We have a wide range of finishing options to match your home. Glazing and doors are installed.

How we do it stage 6

Stage 6: Installation of Brick Slips is completed and pointed to give the look and feel of a brick build. Your SIP extensions is completed in a fraction of the time taken for a conventional build and with minimum fuss.