Garden Rooms Stockport

Our extension kits can be used to create warm, stylish, and durable garden rooms in Stockport.

Extension Kitz provides easy-to-assemble kits containing everything you need to build a garden office, home gym or playroom to the exact specifications you require.

Detailed instructions and a simple construction process make Ekitz bespoke garden rooms ideal for both competent self-builders and trade professionals.


Garden Rooms Stockport

Why you need a garden room in Stockport

Stockport clients use our bespoke garden rooms as summer houses, garden offices, home gyms and art studios. The versatile extra space could also be used as a spare bedroom.

Ekitz garden rooms are double-glazed and fully insulated, meaning they are suitable for year-round use.

Our garden rooms can be used for so many different purposes that you will wonder how you managed without one.

Why you should use an Ekitz Extension Kit for your garden room in Stockport

Ekitz extension kits are made with SIPS panels, an innovative form of construction that is popular in many other countries.

SIP construction projects are increasingly popular in the UK, and they have several advantages for the construction of garden rooms.

Ease of construction

SIP panels are extremely light and easy to handle, even in the tightest places. Assembling your garden room in Stockport will not require a large team or trades like bricklaying and joinery.

Our extension kits come with detailed instructions, and a small, experienced team can erect the shell in about a week.

You will need a level concrete foundation covered with a waterproof membrane for the garden room to stand on.

Flexible Design

SIP panels can be cut into virtually any shape and size according to the customer’s requirements.

You can choose from a range of roofing and cladding to ensure that your garden room reflects your personal style and that of your garden and house.

Let your imagination run wild and create a garden room that is exactly the way you want it to be and that will enhance your home.


SIP panels are extremely strong and are resistant to rot and weather damage.  Your garden room will require minimal maintenance during its lifetime.

The materials in our extension kits have passed rigorous testing and comply with or exceed all British building regulations and standards, including British Fire Safety regulations. 

All our garden rooms come with ten-year guarantees.

Low fuel bills

Our garden rooms require little heating energy to stay snug because SIP panels have a super-efficient insulating foam core at the centre. In addition, the panels fit together so tightly that there are no cold draughts or leaks of warm air to make you uncomfortable. Double glazing will provide extra protection from the elements.

You won’t need to install any further insulation in your garden building

Environmentally friendly

SIP construction is an extremely sustainable building method.

The panels in our garden room extension kits are manufactured and cut to size in our factory in Greater Manchester with such precision that wastage is kept to a bare minimum.

The timber used to fabricate the panels is sourced from woodland that is responsibly managed.

Our garden rooms are fully insulated with high thermal performance and low heat energy costs all year round.

High level of quality control

Once the SIP panels have been cut to size, we will assemble your garden room in our factory. This quality check ensures all the panels fit together and are airtight.

The building is taken down, and all the panels and other components are numbered and coded for easy on-site assembly in Stockport.

How much do garden rooms cost to build in Stockport?

As all our garden rooms are bespoke, it is impossible to give an average cost.

However, you can use our quick quote calculator to receive an estimated price.

Do garden rooms built from extension kits need planning permission?

Planning permission is sometimes required for garden buildings, and it is best to check before you begin building.

We have many years of experience in applying for planning permission and are happy to advise.


More about Extension Kitz in Stockport

We take great pride in being a family-owned company in Greater Manchester.. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of garden room extension kits and SIP panels for the construction of annexes, conservatories and home extensions.

Why not get in touch today to find out more about the benefits of our garden rooms in Stockport?

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