Garden Rooms Manchester

Extension Kitz is a leading provider of bespoke extension kits for garden rooms in Manchester.

Our kits are easy to assemble and provide super-insulated and stylish garden rooms that can be used for various purposes. 

With high levels of sustainability, predictable build costs and a rapid construction process, our kits are an ideal way to make more of your garden space.


Garden Rooms Manchester

Benefits of Garden Rooms in Manchester

A garden room utilizes your garden area to enhance your lifestyle in whatever way you choose.

Our Manchester customers have used our extension kits to construct garden offices, garden studios for art or yoga practice, playrooms for the kids, home gyms, and extra living or relaxation spaces for friends and family. 

Or, a garden room could simply be a peaceful retreat and a place to connect with nature in comfort.

What does the extension kit contain?

An Ekitz extension kit contains structural insulated panels or SIPs. 

The panels are cut to the customer’s precise size and shape requirements, allowing for a high level of customisation in design. 

Your garden room is assembled in our factory near Manchester to ensure it fits together correctly. The panels are then disassembled, numbered, and coded for easy assembly on-site. 

The detailed instructions in the kit make a SIPs garden room a viable project for a competent amateur builder with some experience.

What are SIPs made of?

Structural insulated panels are large panels of oriented strand boards stuck together with a thermally efficient foam core. They allow for the speedy construction of warm, strong buildings and extensions with great eco-friendly credentials. 

These prefabricated panels are popular construction materials in Scandinavia and the USA. We have pioneered their use in the UK and are a leading supplier of SIPs for garden buildings and home extensions. 

You can find more information about SIPs here.

Design and customisation options for your garden room in Manchester

One of the key benefits of SIPs construction is the design flexibility it gives the customer. 

The panels can be cut to virtually any size and shape, allowing the designer free rein in the design of the garden room. 

We also offer options in terms of roofing and cladding materials to ensure that the bespoke garden room complements the property and garden perfectly.

Many customers choose garden rooms with large windows to let in plenty of natural light and give a great view of the garden. 

However, if privacy is required, or a home office worker wants fewer distractions, the building could be designed with fewer windows and more glazing on the roof to bring in natural light.  

You may find inspiration from some existing SIPs projects here.

Construction and installation of the garden room in Manchester

Garden rooms made with our extension kits require a level concrete foundation with a waterproof membrane. 

Once the foundation is ready, the installation of the SIPs garden room is quick and easy. The pre-fabricated nature of the panels means that construction traders like bricklayers and joiners will not be required. 

The panels are light and easy to manoeuvre that a small team of installers can complete assembly in around a week.


Insulation and Heating Solutions

Garden rooms with SIPs retain heat more effectively than many other traditional construction types because of the super-efficient insulating foam core at the centre of the panels. The airtight assembly also ensures no cold draughts or leaks of warm air.

As a result, your garden room won’t require further insulation and heating costs will be low.  Your outdoor haven will stay cosy in all seasons, no matter what the Manchester weather throws at it.

Are garden rooms environmentally friendly?

Garden rooms built from our SIPS kits are extremely sustainable in their fabrication and assembly and for the lifetime of the building. 

Pre-fabrication of panels to the required size with absolute precision means minimal raw material waste.

The wood used in the panels is sourced from responsibly managed woodland.

Super insulation and airtight design keep heating energy requirements low.

The panels are extremely light, so they require less fuel to move them to the building site.

Durable, strong materials and high levels of fire and pest resistance mean the building will be used for many years with little maintenance.

How much do garden rooms cost to build in Manchester?

It is impossible to give a typical cost as all our extension kits are bespoke and designed according to the project’s dimensions and the customer’s needs. 

If you input the dimensions of your project into our quick quote calculator here, we can give you an indicative cost.

When you have confirmed the final measurements of the project we can give a cost which will remain fixed.

Do garden rooms built from extension kits need planning permission?

You may need planning permission depending on your garden room’s size, location, and proposed use. 

We have plenty of experience in this area and are happy to advise customers.


About Extension Kitz in Manchester

Our family-run company specialises in SIPs construction and kits for garden rooms, annexes, conservatories and home extensions.

Our factory is in Radcliffe, 11 km north of Manchester city centre. We supply professional and self-builders in Cheshire, Lancashire, and across the region.

Manchester is a thriving cultural and business centre. The city is internationally famous for its two main football teams, Manchester City and Manchester United. 

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