Garden Rooms Cheshire

Our bespoke extension kits are an excellent choice for constructing garden rooms in Cheshire.

Extension Kitz garden rooms are easy to construct and fit in any space. They are super insulated with high levels of thermal performance so that they can be used all year round.

Constructing your dream garden room has never been easier than with one of our extension kits.

We are leading providers of garden rooms for Cheshire, so why not contact us today to see how we can help make your dream a reality?


Garden Rooms Cheshire

Why you should have a garden room in Cheshire

A garden room will add another dimension to your lifestyle. Our Cheshire customers use their garden buildings for all sorts of purposes.

Our extension kits have created garden studios, games rooms, home gyms and extra space for visitors or family.

A popular use for garden buildings is as a home office, making the commute far more appealing.

Your new space could be a place to relax and enjoy the results of your hard work on your lawn and flower beds.

However you choose to use your bespoke garden room, it will be cosy and warm in every season.

What does an extension kit contain?

An Ekitz extension kit contains structural insulated panels or SIPs cut to the size and shape required by the customer, including the shape of the doors and windows.

Before your kit leaves our factory, your garden room is constructed and quality checked. As the structure is disassembled, every piece is numbered and coded to make construction straightforward.

We will deliver your kit to your site with full details of how it will be installed.

What are SIPS?

SIPs comprise two structural facing boards stuck together with a foam core. 

Many USA, Scandinavia, and Japan buildings are constructed with SIP panels. This is a relatively new way of constructing buildings in the UK, and we are one of the leading suppliers.

Why is SIPs construction an ideal way to build garden rooms?

SIPs construction offers a range of benefits to customers in Cheshire

Opportunities to customise

You have complete flexibility in the way that you create your garden room.

The high level of customisation possible with SIPs construction makes it ideal for garden buildings.

We can cut the panels to virtually any size, so your garden room can be designed to fit your purpose exactly.

Our customers have built bespoke garden rooms ranging from cosy summer houses to garden offices, providing a professional space. If you need a games room or home gym, your requirements will be quite specific, and requirements like extra storage or more windows can all be accommodated.

Flexible Design

We offer a range of roofing and cladding options so your garden office or studio can blend beautifully into your green space or be eye-catching with modern features.

If you need inspiration, we have a design team to discuss your ideas and produce drawings.

You may find inspiration from some existing SIPs projects here.

Environmentally sustainable

Our bespoke garden rooms are sustainable in several ways.

The panels are manufactured to precise dimensions, creating very little waste.

We use wood from responsibly managed forests to make the panels.

The super-insulating core has fantastic thermal performance, meaning that your garden room will be comfortable for year-round use without spending a fortune on heating costs.

SIP panels are extremely strong and durable, meaning that your gym, office or studio will last many years with minimal maintenance.


How long does it take for an extension kit to arrive?

Once your order and deposit have been received, the lead time will normally be 10 working days.

Construction and installation of your garden room in Cheshire

Customers should build garden rooms on a level concrete foundation covered with a waterproof membrane. Often it can be possible to repurpose the foundation of a previous structure, like a shed or garage.

Trades like bricklaying and joinery will not be required during construction as the panels provide the entire structure of the space, including the roof.

How long do garden rooms take to construct?

A small team can assemble the extension kit in a week.

What if I have a problem with the construction of my garden room?

All our garden rooms are suitable for assembly by both selfbuilders with some experience and professional builders.

In the unlikely event that you experience a problem, we are always available to offer advice.

Do garden rooms need planning permission?

It is unlikely that you will need planning permission for your garden room, but this will depend on its size and how you plan to use it.

We are experienced in applying for planning permission and can offer advice if needed.

How much do garden rooms cost to build in Cheshire?

There is no typical price for one of our garden rooms as every kit is created to the specific dimensions the customer requires.

If you know the dimensions of your project, you can use our quick quote calculator here for an indicative cost.


About Extension Kitz in Cheshire

We are a family-run business based in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester.

The temperate climate in Cheshire is excellent for planting, and the county is renowned for its formal gardens and the regular Royal Horticultural Show at Tatton Park.

Our Cheshire customers love their gardens, too, and enhancing their outdoor space with a contemporary garden room is becoming more popular.

We have satisfied clients in all parts of the county and across Manchester, Liverpool and Warrington.

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