Garden Offices

We create stylish, budget-friendly and super-insulated garden offices using easy-to-assemble extension kits.

We create stylish, budget-friendly and super-insulated garden offices using easy-to-assemble extension kits.

Our bespoke garden office extension packs provide a quicker, easier way to build garden offices and all types of garden rooms than traditional construction methods. 

The garden kits contain made-to-measure components that can be easily assembled into a home office for any size of garden and are ideal for both DIY builders and trade professionals. 

Garden offices are small, self-contained buildings designed for professional work or recreation located in a garden or outdoor space.

Benefits of a Garden Office

Garden offices, sometimes called garden cabins or garden pods, are a step forward from using a conventional garden cabin or shed as your office due to being bespoke to your needs.

They are also a great way to establish a healthy work-life balance.

Owners will have the convenience and comfort of working from home and avoiding the morning commute, plus they can have more peace than being in their home office. 

Having a warm garden room in which to work has a calming effect as it allows the worker to reconnect with nature as they look out onto their beautiful garden and landscaping. 

Choosing the right location

Our garden office extension kits can be used to create a building of great style, which will be an attractive feature in any garden. Many customers choose a location for their garden office that makes it visible from the house. Locating the office close to the garden door is a good idea so the commute is quick during bad weather.

Construction Materials and Methods

We offer bespoke garden building kits containing structural insulated panels, known as SIPs, that are fabricated in our factory to fit the exact dimensions of the floor, wall area and height of your garden office project. 

SIPs are made of two structural facing boards sandwiched together with highly insulating foam. We have been using SIPs to build conservatories, cabins and house extensions for our clients for many years, and our extension packs are an innovative way to provide the advantages of SIP construction to DIY builders and others in the building trade. 

Our high level of quality control includes assembling your entire garden office at our factory to ensure that all the different components fit together perfectly. All the pieces of the structure are then numbered to make assembly easy. 

The kits come with full assembly instructions and can be erected by a competent self-builder or building professional. 


Why is a SIPs extension kit the best choice for a garden office?

Our garden extension kits are ideal for those wanting to create an outdoor workspace for the following reasons;

Your garden office will be made to measure

We cut and shape the SIPs according to the exact specifications that the customer needs. 

Some customers choose to build a garden office that is just large enough for a desk, phone and chair, while others have space for business meetings, storage and a bathroom or kitchen facilities. 

Fabrication includes cutting the panels into the required shapes and sizes and incorporating apertures for windows and doors. The majority of customers choose to have a large amount of glazing to maximise the natural light in their garden office. 

The versatility of SIPs construction means that the customer can have a garden office that fits the size of their garden space perfectly.

SIPs extension kits are cheap to install

SIPS panels are light and easy to manoeuvre on site even in tight spaces. 

A much smaller construction team is required for garden rooms constructed with SIPS, saving money on labour costs.

Many customers reuse the foundations of sheds or other garden buildings for their home office, but a cost-effective concrete base can also be used.

Our garden offices are environmentally friendly

The materials used in our garden office kits have far less environmental impact than traditional building materials. 

The panels require far less energy to produce than cement or steel, and the timber used is young wood from managed forests. We always source from PEFC, SFI and FSC-certified suppliers.

Excellent insulation and climate control

Our garden offices more than hold their own against more conventional building projects in terms of thermal efficiency and environmental impact.

Garden offices constructed with SIPs are always warm and comfortable due to the high level of insulation provided by the panels’ layered construction.

Heating energy costs can be up to 60% lower than in traditional builds of a similar size.

In addition, the way that the panels are secured together makes our home offices extremely airtight.

Lighting and electrical setup

We can provide consumer boxes, electrical cables, lights, sockets and switches as part of the extension kit if required.

Design and layout considerations

Our made-to-measure kits offer more flexibility than off-the-peg garden office pods. The bespoke approach can fulfil all customer requirements as they decide on everything from the size, the number of windows and where to place the door. A typical garden office pod will offer less choice in design. 

We offer a wide selection of exterior finish styles for garden offices, including tongue and groove, traditional brick slips and contemporary aluminium cladding. Other options include UPVC cladding, timber cladding, ceramic tiles, cement board and render. A range of roof tiles is available.

Some people employ architects, but plenty of our customers produce their own designs.  Another option is to consult our design team who are always available for information and advice.

Maintenance and upkeep

All our products are subjected to rigorous pressure testing by building and materials standards experts. 

Despite being so light, SIPs are also extremely strong and require minimal maintenance. The panels are up to seven times stronger than timber frames, and an outdoor workspace built with SIPs will stand up to the worst of the British weather.

SIPs are highly fire-resistant and are fully compliant with British Fire Safety regulations.

We are so confident about the durability of this product that we are happy to offer our customers a ten-year guarantee.


Next Steps

If you are planning a garden office project and would like more details of our extension kits or would like to place an order, contact our friendly team. 


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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install a garden office?

Unlike traditional builds, which can take months, a home garden office extension kit can be assembled in 2 to 3 days.Once plumbing, electrics, interior fixtures and internet access are finished, the owner can move in. Most customers start working in their new home office about a month after the delivery of the extension kit.

Will I need planning permission for a garden office?

The majority of garden offices will fall within your permitted development rights. However, checking with your local planning authority is a good idea. We have a lot of experience in this area and can offer advice at customer request. 

Do Extension Kitz garden offices meet building regulations?

Garden offices built using our extension kits will comply with current building regulations as long as they are constructed correctly. It is advisable to use trade professionals to install plumbing and electrical services to ensure that they are safe and fit for purpose.

Will advice be available during the building process?

Your extension kit will contain all the information you need to construct your garden office. However, we know that builders sometimes have questions, so our Build Assist service is available to trade and own build customers. If necessary, one of our experienced team members will come out to your project to advise you on any problems you may be having.

Do home garden offices add value to a property?

A garden office is a great investment in your home.

The space and home working opportunity provided by a stylish and well-insulated garden office will certainly interest buyers if the house goes on sale in the future.

How much does it cost to build a garden office?

An extension kit is ideal for customers on limited budgets, especially if they can complete some of the build themselves.

The final cost will depend on the dimensions of the garden office and the cladding and roofing materials that are chosen.

You can use our quick quote calculator for an indicative cost.

Are extension kits suitable for any other garden room projects?

The functionality of our extension kits makes them suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Whether you want a room for hobbies, a garden studio or a summerhouse, a SIPs extension kit will provide a quick and budget-friendly solution. 

Can a garden office be used as a full-time workspace?

Yes, due to the ability to input on desired design for homeowners, or to supply flexible design options for trade suppliers, it’s easy to ensure a garden office can be a full-time workspace.

Where can I find case studies of successful garden office installations?

You can find inspiration for your garden office in case studies of garden rooms built using our extension kits here.